Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Step 1

I have been contemplating a Blog for a while now. There are so many questions involved in creating one... What will I call it? What will I write about? Will people even read it? I guess when it comes down to it, I'll write what I know, and the rest is history.

So, let's start with what to call it. I must send a "shout out" to Taylor, for he is the reason my blog is "Where's Waldie?" After asking if I had any nicknames he suggested the very fitting "Where's Waldie" name. So, thanks Taylor, you helped with "Step 1."

Now, the next part is tricky... the "what do I write about?" part. Well, I will write what I know, and that is my "crazy tragic, sometimes almost magic, awful beautiful LIFE!" So prepare yourself to sometimes laugh, sometimes cry, but always be entertained by the life of Lauren Walden.


  1. I'm so excited for you, Lauren. I'll be checking in often to see what's on your mind (but don't let that worry you! Don't think of me as Tommy's mom, but as a fellow blogger!)
    Have fun - it's addicting!

  2. AHHHHH Yes, another one to read. LOVE YOU. Can't wait!!