Friday, March 18, 2011

Fairytale Weddings by Alfred Angelo

Several months back I posted about the new Disney-inspired line from Alfred Angelo-- well, the line is now available for purchase!

Naturally, Ariel's is my favorite.

Check out all of the beautiful Princess-inspired designs.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Holiday Tree {Branches}

Whoa. 3 posts in one day?! I'm on a roll...but I couldn't wait to share this with you!

I have previously mentioned my "holiday tree" here...and here...

...and now it's HERE! I ordered Manzanita branches and they are not exactly what I had pictured in my head; however, they are making an adorable holiday tree in my office, and this little gem is the first decor to go up!

Glittery yellow chickadee. Pink tutu. Purple bow. Could I really pass her up? Not a chance! But, she needs friends. I'll get her some, soon.

Hi, my name is Lauren...

...and I'm a shopaholic.

"Hi, Lauren."

Specifically, I am a shoe addict. For this, I thank my Aunt Kiwi and my Mom.

Check out what I purchased last night.

And last week, I became the proud owner of these...

I can't help it. Summer shoes have begun to hit the shelves and I can't seem to buy them up quick enough.

The Birdcage

I have, for a while now, been (slightly) obsessed with the idea of a shabby chic living space. It's big for me, since I am in to clean lines and modern decor. Mostly I love this style because of the tiny finch/sparrow/bird that often appears in such decor.

Picture courtesy of this Etsy store.

Naturally, I decided I wanted a decorative big cage and have been keeping a lookout for one. I was expecting to find one in an antique store, maybe Goodwill, but never where I actually found it.

Last night, as I was walking through Pier 1 Imports, I came across this beauty.

The original price tag says $89.99; however, a big, red clearance sticker said $22.98. Are you kidding me? I snatched it up. I am so excited. No one I told the story to was nearly as excited as I am, but that's usually the case... stay tuned to see what I do with it!

I also found some goodies for my holiday tree, so check back soon!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Lovin' some Lilly

While Blake and I were in San Diego, we visited a little stationary shop in Coronado. Seaside Papery is a small boutique that carries invitations, stationary, gifts, etc. Well, I came across this little gem...

That's right, folks. Lilly Pulitzer has done it again. You may remember me drooling over the Kappa Kappa Gamma print. (I now own 97% of the collection--thanks, Momma!) Well, Spring has 'sprung' and now Lilly has what she has named the "Limeade Floater" print. Sea horses, my friends-- SEA HORSES!

I didn't buy it in the Papery. Not sure why/how I passed it up; however, the items in this print are available for pre-order right now. I'm just having a hard time deciding what to get first!

Itching to Craft

Oh man, I have the crafting bug. I get them regularly. Usually, I can satisfy them rather quickly, but it seems that lately I am too busy. Also, my crafting supplies are currently being stored in my parents' garage, so I don't have very easy access to them. I follow about a hundred crafting blogs and right now everyone is posting their St.Patty's Day ideas. Hopefully I'll get to one before Thursday. If not, I'll have to move right along to Spring & Easter decor. I did order some manzanita branches last week for my holiday tree. Stay tuned for the back story and for pictures of my decorated branches!

Here are some projects I'm drooling over right now...