Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Birdcage

I have, for a while now, been (slightly) obsessed with the idea of a shabby chic living space. It's big for me, since I am in to clean lines and modern decor. Mostly I love this style because of the tiny finch/sparrow/bird that often appears in such decor.

Picture courtesy of this Etsy store.

Naturally, I decided I wanted a decorative big cage and have been keeping a lookout for one. I was expecting to find one in an antique store, maybe Goodwill, but never where I actually found it.

Last night, as I was walking through Pier 1 Imports, I came across this beauty.

The original price tag says $89.99; however, a big, red clearance sticker said $22.98. Are you kidding me? I snatched it up. I am so excited. No one I told the story to was nearly as excited as I am, but that's usually the case... stay tuned to see what I do with it!

I also found some goodies for my holiday tree, so check back soon!

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