Monday, November 30, 2009


Look at me, posting again so quickly...

I am so excited to announce that I am now a SCENTSY Consultant!

If you don't know what Scentsy is... check it out!

Order by December 15, 2009 for delivery before Christmas!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Time flies...

I just realized it has been six months since my last post. It isn't that I have been too lazy, I have just been busy.

Usually when a daunting task presents itself, it is difficult to decide where to start. That's about how I feel! So, I'll do what I do best-- I'll start by making a list!

In June:
  • Landon turned 16!
In July:
  • I went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a wedding. (Congrats Mr.& Ms. Lynch!)
In August:
  • Hunter VanDeventer turned one-year-old! I was so excited to be there for his birthday.
  • My best friend moved across the US to California. Her moving day was so difficult for me. I was so excited for her, but sad that she was going so far away.
  • I saw the musical WICKED for the second time. It was incredible--again!
In September:
  • I flew to California to spend time with Jordan. We went to the Capitola Begonia Festival and it was so much fun!
  • I got to welcome baby Brooklyn Marie LeAnn Hayes in to the world.
  • I was chosen to attend the Kappa Leadership Academy in Columbus, Ohio as an alumni representative.
  • I turned 24! I was sad to see 23 leave, it was such a life-changing year!
  • I started working for STARRY in Round Rock.

In October:
  • I attend the 10th annual Girls' Trip to Port Aransas! I was so honored to be asked back for my second year. And this year, there was a "distinguished guest" staying at our condos-- Laura Bush!
  • I went to UNT Homecoming in Denton. That same weekend the Zeta Sigma Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gama celebrated their 20th anniversary on the UNT campus. GKODB!
  • I learned that my dear friends, Erin & Cullen Mills, are expecting a sweet Peanut of their own! I cannot wait to be an Auntie again!
  • I also found out that my cousins, Kelly & Jason, are expecting Baby #2! (I will not be drinking 'the water' anytime soon.)
  • I saw Colbie Callait in concert. She was great!
  • I traveled to Kentucky for the first time!
  • I cannot believe that it is already November! I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and spending time with family and friends. I am so thankful for everything in my life.

I will try not to wait another six months before my next blog. It is too hard to remember everything that has gone on!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Google" youself.

I have never been a "Googler" in any sense of the word. I am an avid Yahoo! user, but recently one of my co-workers introduced me to the world of "Googling" people. I took a moment today to type "Lauren Walden" in to the Google search bar and there I was. There were links to my Facebook, Twitter, MySpace,, etc. I decided it was time to downsize on my plethora of social network profiles.

It just amazes me how much information is out there. Luckily, I am cautious as to what I put out there, but it was still interesting to see just how "available" you are.

So, take a moment and go "Google" yourself!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I was having a rough time a while back and my good friend Erin sent me "The Rainy Day Book: Pick-me-ups for when you're a little blue!" I sometimes pull it out when I am feeling a little down and it usually puts a smile on my face. I found a poem in it tonight and thought we could all use a reminder to be patient.
Ruth Cowles

I asked the Lord for patience.
I know I need it so.
When I put in a garden,
I can't wait for it to grow.

I cannot wait for mail to come,
Pots to boil, bread to rise,
For friends to call or write or visit,
Sun to burst through stormy skies.

I know to be impatient
is a sin, akin to worry.
So, I asked the Lord for patience.
I just wish He would hurry!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rest in Peace, P.Tree

I write tonight with a heavy heart.

P.Tree, the beloved "man cat," has passed away. My mom mentioned this evening that she hadn't seen him today and that she had looked outside for him and called his name. After dinner I took a walk myself calling his name and shaking his treat jar, but he did not respond. As I descended the hill that my house sits on, I saw him lying on the ground. I nearly collapsed in sobs. I couldn't look at his precious, lifeless body.

My mom and brother kindly dug him a respectable grave in our backyard and buried him for me. It is speculated that our neighbor's pit bull is the responsible party, as we have lost 3 cats in the past few months. Once an animal gets the first taste of blood, he will never quit killing.

I am devastated by the loss of P.Tree. He was a wonderful pet. He was so funny and sweet. One of more tragic facts is that he leaves behind a little sister cat that loves him dearly. It breaks my heart to think of how lonely and confused she'll be without him to take care of her.

In my house, pets ARE family.
So tonight, we have lost a loved one.
Rest in peace, P.Tree. We love you.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Guess who's turning one-year-old?!

Many of you met P. Tree and Tallulah Belle shortly after they were adopted by Jordan and I last year.

After a brief discussion one night on our apartment balcony after a few glasses of wine, Jordan and I decided that we were ready to be "Mommies" and found a listing on Craig's List for a kitten. Now, this particular listing had two kittens, and since Jordan and I felt it would be wrong to take one and not the other, we bravely took on both little babies. We picked them up the next morning in what could only be described as the "ghetto." We instantly believed that we had done the right thing in picking these little critters up and bringing them in to a life of (apartment) luxury.

We never paid the pet deposit, which made for some interesting "close calls" when maintenance did their routine visits, but we made it though.

P. Tree and Tallulah Belle love each other. They have always eaten together, slept together, bathed each other, played with each other; they are the type of siblings every mother hopes for. I often find myself giggling at how sweet they are to each other even now.

Jordan could only be described as a "selfless mother" because when it came time to discuss who would keep the kitties when we separated in December (2008), Jordan insisted that the two remain together and join me in Austin. She often gets emailed updates on how her sweet "Pete" is doing and loves to snuggle with him when she comes to visit.

P. Tree (Sometimes referred to as "Boy Cat" and most recently "Man Cat") and Tallie (sometimes referred to as "Sissy") now enjoy long days outside where they love to explore the woods around my house. How they ever survived being in that apartment for so long baffles me! (We did have one escape attempt that quickly ended when P.Tree realized her had stepped out of our apartment and panicked!)

The kitties are now just over a year old, but they still have the hearts of kittens. They love to play but they love to seep even more! They are the sweetest, most loving little guys you will ever meet, but only as long as it is on their terms. It never fails, they love to snuggle with me at night and often make sleeping in my full-size bed difficult! Nevertheless, I love these sweet little fur balls!

Happy 1st Birthday P.Tree and Tallulah Belle!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lauren Walden... Best Selling Author?

One of my favorite things to do is read. I have always loved to read, even as a little girl. My favorite books used to be the Sweet Valley High series. I could finish one in a single day. I loved everything about them. While in college, I had less of an opportunity to read "fun" books and instead was stuck reading textbooks, scholarly journals, papers, etc. Ick. But every once in a while I could find the time to indulge in a "just because" book. I must insert here that I sometimes still read "educational" books of the business and economic nature, which is why I love my friend Cullen. We share the same nerdy need to read that crap! Erin, Cullen's wife, finds that our addiction to such books is crazy... but she loves us anyway!

Now that I am a college graduate I seem to have lots of free time on my hands and have had the opportunity to read a lot since my Graduation. I generally prefer girly, "chick lit" books with high fashion, sorted drama, and a happy ending. I don't always read in the genre, but often.

For Christmas this year Jordan gave me 3 books that I have been really wanting to read. Now, let me just take a second to say that when I received them for Christmas I was so happy. Jordan and I have a way of being sort of practical in gift giving. However, sometimes we feel the need to be frivolous and ridiculous in gift giving. (For example, the time she bought me the Juicy Couture brown and pink wallet for my birthday... and the matching purse. Both brought me to tears.) Anyway, you may personally feel as though giving someone a book as a gift sucks... I adore love it! And, now that I have finished all 3 books I am even happier with the gift!

Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and Baby Proof, all by Emily Giffin are the books that Jordan gave me. They have been sitting in my "books to read" pile since Christmas. I have completed all three of them in I'd say about a week. The second two only took me about a day each to read. In each book I felt such a connection with the characters. Sometimes I didn't like the characters, but I kept reading. Their defeats reminded me of times passed, their victories reminded me to "keep my chin up." All in all, the books were great! I highly recommend them. The fourth book by Emily Giffin, Love the One You're With will be my next prey, which I plan on starting on Monday.

I have considered writing my own book. My friend Erin (whom I know will be reading this post) has encouraged me to write a book. She suggested it be a somewhat autobiographical story about my relationships; the good, the bad, the ugly. I don't know whether to be flattered or offended by her suggestion. (I think I have determined that I should just be flattered that she believes my tale would be entertaining enough to be a book!) I don't know how that would work, but I'm considering it! Who knows? You might one day see me one the "Best Sellers" list!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Workin' 9 to 5... well, actually 6.

I just completed day 4 of my new job, and since I have been too tired each day to take a moment to write about it, here goes...

I am the newest Leasing Consultant for Gables West Avenue in the heart of downtown Austin. I love the location... I hate the drive. I hope to some day be able to move closer to downtown so that I won't continue to hate it. I leave every morning around 7:45am (which thank goodness I don't have to be there at 8) and I don't usually arrive home until right around 7pm. Thankfully I still live with my Mommy and Daddy, so I usually get breakfast, a lunch packed by Mom, and sometimes dinner. Ok, usually dinner. And in case you're curious, yes, my Mom does put little notes in my lunch box.

My office happens to be located a stone's throw away from the flagship Whole Foods Market. (Yes, I did say "stone's throw" which my almost-16-year-old brother said is "ancient.") On tuesday I walked (in heels) the block or two to get there and then sat by one of the fountains on my property to eat. It is serene and peaceful and I have come to adore my one-hour lunch.

One of the fountains where I like to eat my lunch.

Right now I feel utterly helpless. I have next to no idea what I am doing. If you came to my office and said, "Hello, I would like an apartment." I would reply with, "Cool. Me, too!" With every new job comes a time of adjustment, a learning process; however, I am impatient! I want to know everything right now. I don't have time to "learn" as I would prefer to "know." Luckily my co-workers do not hold it against me that I am clueless. They know what I refuse to acknowledge- that it takes time.

The view from the top- the rooftop terrace.

I will wake up early tomorrow, drive to work, and give it another go. Eventually it will come naturally. But for now, please don't ask me where the pool is, cause I don't know.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Where's Waldie?: the Fry Street Edition

Although I am exhausted beyond words, at an attempt to remember everything that I did over the past few days I am going to write about my trip to Denton!

My trip was supposed to begin on Thursday morning; however, I was so excited and felt that I had too much to do there so therefore I had to leave a day earlier. So, Wednesday afternoon a little after 2pm I hit the road. I quickly realized that my poor planning would place me in downtown Fort Worth at roughly 5pm. Sure enough, at 5:18pm I was sitting, motionless, in good old downtown Fort Worth traffic. (Might I add that I did not realize it was a NASCAR weekend, which makes traffic on I-35 between Fort Worth and Denton almost unbearable.) But, I practiced my patience and persevered through it.

My first plans were with my wonderful friends and sorority sisters Kristin and Savannah. We ate at one of my favorite Denton locals, El Guapo. Good food, good company, great margaritas, and a perfect start to my whirlwind "vacation." Another friend and sorority sister, Haley, so graciously gave me the key to her apartment and a cozy bed to sleep in! So after taking a minute to get myself together I went to the happiest place on earth. No, not Disney World... FRY STREET! My always funny friend Josh met me on the patio at Lou's to have a few drinks while enjoying the beautiful weather. Throughout the night I was joined by Haley, Greg, and Nick. All wonderful people to spend an evening on Fry Street with! Wednesday night was supposed to be my "calm night" but as usual 10pm turned into 2am and we were being asked to "go home!"

Here are Haley and I with our good friend Jamario.

As was posted on my Facebook status, I woke up Thursday morning "feeling like a college kid." One too many drinks and not much sleep, the daily life of a college student, has long been removed from my system and I was feeling it. My best friend and "college roommate" Jordan saved the day by picking me up and taking me for breakfast at my favorite breakfast taco joint, Mi Casita. Now, it seems as though all I did while there was eat... because breakfast with Jordan was later followed by lunch with my previous patio buddy Josh. Never is there a dull moment when it comes to Josh. Although I was feeling less-than-Lauren, Josh forced me to eat and put a smile on my face with funny stories. Knowing that I had to prepare for a night of babysitting I returned to Haley's for a nap. I never actually fell asleep because I was wrapped up in the book Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin. I finished it cheering! The I felt so connected to the main character that her triumphs were mine and her struggles mine, too! I am excited to start the next book in the series tonight.

As I mentioned I took on a babysitting job on my trip. The mother of some very sweet young men I have watched in the past knew I would be in town and asked if I would mind watching them for a few hours. Of course, I said "yes!" They are fun little boys, but also very smart! When their mother informed them that I would be coming to watch them, the four-year-old stated, "but she lives 5 hours away!" How children remember things like this I have no idea, but it was so funny! While sitting at the dinner table he informed me that Pluto is no longer a planet because of its size. What a bright topic of conversation! So, I think to myself, "alright Mr.Smarty, let's see what you can do." I proceeded to ask him if he knew the names of the other planets. Without missing a beat, the same young man that was baffled by the fact that I would drive 5 hours just to babysit him proceeded to name the remaining planets. I will never ever doubt him again! His baby brother had a near meltdown at bedtime because he could not find "Mac," his car from the Disney movie Cars. It nearly broke my heart! Crisis averted when I accidentally laid down on it- it was under his pillow! But the joy in his face at the sight of his car filled my heart with joy. It is amazing what children will stir in adults!

Although I was still not feeling 100%, I decided to return to Fry Street that night. Haley and I got ready and met up with several friends at the Tavern. Another memorable and fun night it turned out to be.

Haley, Myself, Heidi, and Ashley at Tavern

Friday I woke up feeling slightly better than I had the previous morning, which I was thankful for. I spent the morning having my hair done by the most amazing hair stylist ever! Mrs. Kelli Grissom-Henderson worked her magic and made my bland her beautiful! I spent a little time doing one of my favorite things- shopping!

The weather was still perfect which made my plans to sit on a patio with Taylor perfect! (Yes, the same Taylor that is responsible for naming my Blog!) We went to another of my favorite Denton restaurants, Sweetwater. Nothing beats sitting on their patio on a beautiful day. Taylor and I decided that a meal outside wasn't enough! We went to Jupiter House for coffee (I had a smoothie, cause I don't drink that gross stuff!) and walked over to the benches on the grassy square. It couldn't have been nicer!

Here is a picture of Taylor and I from 2005 at the UNT Homecoming Parade.

I spent the next little while visiting my good friend Brandon and his brand new apartment! He was having a housewarming party and it worked out perfect that I was going to be in town! I don't get to see him nearly enough these days.

In case you haven't picked up the pattern yet, I returned to Fry Street on Friday night. Yes, this would be night #3! I must be crazy. Once again I was elated to be surrounded by friends. With me were my good friends and sorority sisters Savannah and Janell. One other pattern you may notice is that no two nights was I accompanied by the same people. My point here is that I am a champion! We claimed that we would only stay for a bit; however, in keeping with tradition, we were there until the lights came on.

Sav, Myself, and Janell

By now, you're probably thinking I have to been getting close to being unable to function properly, right? Wrong. I spent my last day (Saturday) with Jordan. Breakfast was one more amazing local meal at The Chestnut Tree. They just recently started serving breakfast and it was wonderful! A trip to the Square is never complete without a stop at the "purple book store." We spent the next several hours shopping for things we don't need, as is the usual verdict. I decided that I would stay with her in Grapevine that night for a girls' night in. Ha ha.

Let me take a second to interrupt the previously scheduled story to talk about one of the most important men in my life. The very sweet, very chubby, very wonderful Mr. Hunter William VanDeventer. My handsome nephew! (He actually belongs to Jordan's brother Niles, but seeing as how I am the next closest thing to family I consider him my own!) This little man can light up a room in an instant. I have always referred to him as my "Boogie" and after a comical nap at a very young age on my "pillows" I quickly became his "Aunt Boppie." He is growing so fast.

Alright, back to this "Girls' Night In" business. Not an hour after we had to decided to stay in, we got a better offer to go out! Michael Munday, another wonderful friend, invited us to the House of Blues to hear a local band perform. SO, without skipping a beat Jordan and I asked our fellow Kappa and December graduate Kristen if she would like to join. Girls' Night In became Girls' Night Out. Also joined by our friend Trapper, we proceeded to enjoy the rest of our night, which turned in to morning. Jordan and I finally went to bed around 5am.

That's where it ends.
My trip to Denton was amazing.
Now I am exhausted.

I start my new job tomorrow, so I should have a whole new story to tell very soon!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Step 1

I have been contemplating a Blog for a while now. There are so many questions involved in creating one... What will I call it? What will I write about? Will people even read it? I guess when it comes down to it, I'll write what I know, and the rest is history.

So, let's start with what to call it. I must send a "shout out" to Taylor, for he is the reason my blog is "Where's Waldie?" After asking if I had any nicknames he suggested the very fitting "Where's Waldie" name. So, thanks Taylor, you helped with "Step 1."

Now, the next part is tricky... the "what do I write about?" part. Well, I will write what I know, and that is my "crazy tragic, sometimes almost magic, awful beautiful LIFE!" So prepare yourself to sometimes laugh, sometimes cry, but always be entertained by the life of Lauren Walden.