Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rest in Peace, P.Tree

I write tonight with a heavy heart.

P.Tree, the beloved "man cat," has passed away. My mom mentioned this evening that she hadn't seen him today and that she had looked outside for him and called his name. After dinner I took a walk myself calling his name and shaking his treat jar, but he did not respond. As I descended the hill that my house sits on, I saw him lying on the ground. I nearly collapsed in sobs. I couldn't look at his precious, lifeless body.

My mom and brother kindly dug him a respectable grave in our backyard and buried him for me. It is speculated that our neighbor's pit bull is the responsible party, as we have lost 3 cats in the past few months. Once an animal gets the first taste of blood, he will never quit killing.

I am devastated by the loss of P.Tree. He was a wonderful pet. He was so funny and sweet. One of more tragic facts is that he leaves behind a little sister cat that loves him dearly. It breaks my heart to think of how lonely and confused she'll be without him to take care of her.

In my house, pets ARE family.
So tonight, we have lost a loved one.
Rest in peace, P.Tree. We love you.

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