Monday, April 13, 2009

Guess who's turning one-year-old?!

Many of you met P. Tree and Tallulah Belle shortly after they were adopted by Jordan and I last year.

After a brief discussion one night on our apartment balcony after a few glasses of wine, Jordan and I decided that we were ready to be "Mommies" and found a listing on Craig's List for a kitten. Now, this particular listing had two kittens, and since Jordan and I felt it would be wrong to take one and not the other, we bravely took on both little babies. We picked them up the next morning in what could only be described as the "ghetto." We instantly believed that we had done the right thing in picking these little critters up and bringing them in to a life of (apartment) luxury.

We never paid the pet deposit, which made for some interesting "close calls" when maintenance did their routine visits, but we made it though.

P. Tree and Tallulah Belle love each other. They have always eaten together, slept together, bathed each other, played with each other; they are the type of siblings every mother hopes for. I often find myself giggling at how sweet they are to each other even now.

Jordan could only be described as a "selfless mother" because when it came time to discuss who would keep the kitties when we separated in December (2008), Jordan insisted that the two remain together and join me in Austin. She often gets emailed updates on how her sweet "Pete" is doing and loves to snuggle with him when she comes to visit.

P. Tree (Sometimes referred to as "Boy Cat" and most recently "Man Cat") and Tallie (sometimes referred to as "Sissy") now enjoy long days outside where they love to explore the woods around my house. How they ever survived being in that apartment for so long baffles me! (We did have one escape attempt that quickly ended when P.Tree realized her had stepped out of our apartment and panicked!)

The kitties are now just over a year old, but they still have the hearts of kittens. They love to play but they love to seep even more! They are the sweetest, most loving little guys you will ever meet, but only as long as it is on their terms. It never fails, they love to snuggle with me at night and often make sleeping in my full-size bed difficult! Nevertheless, I love these sweet little fur balls!

Happy 1st Birthday P.Tree and Tallulah Belle!

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  1. Happy Birthday from your (very allergic, therefore you will never meet me) dear dog-loving family in Georgetown!