Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day...everyday.

I would say it is generally common knowledge that I am not really a "Valentine's Day-kinda girl." Not that I don't love sweet gestures and flowers delivered so that everyone in the office gets jealous-- I love that stuff. I just haven't ever had a Valentine's Day that has blown me away like it's all hyped up to be.

Yesterday was no different. I did get flowers delivered. (And my office smells lovely today!) I had already stated that I didn't want an over-priced meal in a crowded restaurant. (Little did I know that by saying that, I would end up eating take out alone on my almost-empty apartment floor.) Blake had class and I had cleaning and moving to do. How romantic...

My over-all day was pretty crappy. The highlight of my day was my wonderfully tough Power Yoga class. After spending a few hours (alone) cleaning, I headed to Blake's house to end the night. I was in a mood, to say the least. He couldn't have done anything right to save his life. (Poor guy...) However, he tried with all his might to turn my frown (scowl, really) upside down. He scrubbed the bath tub, then filled it with hot water and bubbles for me. He brought me a candle and left me to relax in the hot bubble bath. What a sweet guy, right? Well, you're right, but I was still in such a mood that the kindness of it passed right by me.

I awoke this morning and Valentine's Day was over. (Whew!) But you know what? I got a hot breakfast sandwich on my way out the door and my lunch was already packed. I didn't ask for either of them. So, here's the lesson: for me, every day is Valentine's Day. I am so lucky to have someone who thinks about me all year long, not just one day a year. He may miss the mark on some days, but overall, he's pretty darn on top of it.

So, thanks, "Sweet Pea" for making everyday Valentine's Day.

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