Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kate Spade's Words of {Sparkly} Wisdom

I have a slight obsession with Kate Spade, that's no secret...
She is a Kappa sister and a fabulous designer.
I frequent her website, and her blog...
And the mention of a Flash Sale makes me giddy.

I came home last night to a package on my bed and it put a huge smile on my face. It was the latest of my KS online purchases. Inside was an adorable polka dotted travel bag and a to-die-for necklace that I ordered last week. One of my favorite parts of receiving new things from KS is that tucked inside each piece is a KS tag with a tiny saying. I never throw them away, because they are so cute and {heaven forbid} if I ever decided to sell them, it validates their authenticity. The tag in the purse I bought about two weeks ago said, "occasionally she dreams of italy. she dreams of cheese shops, persnickety fiats, and very fine leather goods." Sigh.

I found these online and I plan to use them someday in decorating my {future} home.

How could you not love KS?

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