Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Excuse me for NOT blogging...

Ok, I give up. I'm an awful blogger. I suppose if my life was exciting I would post more. Wait, my life IS exciting! Since it is now April 6th, I suppose I should do a quick overview of my life in the past two months.

Since my last post, I have:
1. Seen Lady antebellum in concert...twice! Once in San Antonio with my mom and sister and once at the Austin Rodeo with my family. Let me just say that the concert in Austin was WAY better than at the AT&T Center in SA. It was smaller, more intimate, and you could see and hear them so much better!

2. Taken two sewing classes at JoAnn's Fabrics. In my first class I learned how to turn on my machine. In my second I made an adorable pillow case which I gave to my sister.

3. Attended the annual Father/Daughter Valentine's Dinner at my church with my Dad and sister. Every year they say, "For girls ages 2-14" or something like that...I always go. I'm 24. Ha!

4. MOVED IN TO AN APARTMENT! Yes, after living with my parents for a little more than a year after I graduated, I finally have my own place! Well, I have a roommate, but it's OUR own place!

5. Registered for classes! That's right, I'm on my way back to school. I will be starting classes this summer at Texas State University in pursuit of my Masters in Public Administration!

6. Spent time with Jordan, Natalie and Stephanie! Jordan flew in from California, Natalie came in from Houston, and Stephanie lives in Buda! It was a reunion for sure!

So, see, I've just been too busy to blog. And that's just a quick overview. I don't feel so bad about not blogging...

Next up is Pat Green on Friday and Erin's Dr.Seuss Baby Shower on Sunday. Maybe I'll blog about it in a few months...

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