Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Photobooth Fun

This past Saturday we attended the wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy and Tiana Smith! It was tons of fun celebrating such a wonderful occasion with lots of our friends.

As if food, drinks, and dancing weren't entertaining enough, they had a photo booth! Have you ever been to an event where one was present? Was it not the 'funnest' thing ever?!

This first one is by far my favorite.

Gang's all here . . . 

Wait. Zoom in. Please check me out. Pretty sure I'm saying, "hey, don't knock my tiara off!" What's new?


This was my least favorite. Cute? Yes. Fun with props? NO.  
And, check out Blake's awesome "deer in the headlights" pose .

The Future Mrs . Casey and I.

Take two. Check out that first shot-- Mr. Casey is a l-u-c-k-y man ; ) 

Thanks to Magnolia Photo Booth Co. for the laughs!

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