Saturday, February 25, 2012

27, err, 95+ Dresses

I have so much blogging to catch up on, that I don’t even know where to begin…but today that’s not important. What is important, however, is my dress closet.

As a young girl, I refused to wear anything but skirts and dresses. (I know, big shocker, right?) I especially wanted them to be pink or purple. The frilly-er, poofy-er, sparkly-er, the better. I always have been (and always will be) a girly-girl.

This afternoon, as I was organizing my dress closet**, I had a “moment.” I was trying to decide which ones should stay and which ones should be consigned/donated. It was impossible. This was the dialogue in my head:

“Ok, red dress. Hmmm, I have only worn it once, about seven years ago, it can go. WAIT! I wore that my sorority’s River Boat Semi Formal. That can’t go…Ok, long printed dress. I only wore it once, a few years ago, it can go. WAIT! I wore that to a wedding of two wonderful friends in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I still fit in it. I may not wear it, but it can stay. Ok, now, black dress with pink bow. It’s not even my size anymore (I’m smaller now) and I’ve only worn it once… WAIT! I wore it to my college graduation at the University of North Texas. I wore hot pink shoes to match the bow, that way my parents could pick me out in the crowd. (As if they weren’t in the first row…) Geez, this is getting ridiculous. Ok, try again. How about this incredible, pink, poofy Betsey Johnson dress? I wore it on my 25th birthday and again in Vegas (WHOA! I wore it more than once!). It’s still in excellent condition. I could probably consign it and make some money back on it. WAIT! What if I have a daughter someday and she sees pictures and wants it?! Then what? Ok. Fine. I’ll keep it. But I am getting rid of a dress that was my sister’s and one that I wore to my sophomore Homecoming…in High School. No “buts” about it…”

I buy dresses for occasions. I generally wear them once. But, each one has so many memories tied to it. I can’t bear to part with them. The memories, not the dresses…ok, ok. You got me. Or the dresses…

**yes, I have a dress closet…in my office…in MY apartment. Maybe I should blog about that…

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