Monday, June 21, 2010

Toy Story 3: A tearful review

Toy Story 3 is a MUST SEE! We had so much fun at the midnight showing last thursday night. The theatre was full of parents and TEENS, all in the 15-18 age range. My mom commented that they all grew up with Woody and Buzz. In the movie Andy is 17 and leaving for college...just like Landon will be at this time next year. Here are a few photos from the night...

I am sort of ashamed/embarrassed to admit it...but I cried at the end of the movie. Bawled, really. Like a child. But I couldn't help it. The end is just so touching and it made me think of my baby brother that is growing up so fast right before my eyes. What can I say? I'm a sucker...

I would like to say this: When I do themes. I DO them. Landon was all about having a Toy Story birthday, so I prepared for it by getting a TS cake, party favor bags, napkins/plates, etc. I brought it ALL in to the movie. I didn't even sneak it in. I clearly walked past the ticket guys holding a huge bag and a sheet cake. About 30 minutes before show time (11:30PM) the entire theatre broke in to the "Happy Birthday" song and sang to Landon. I lit all17 candles, against my brother's wishes. I cut up cake and served our party of 8 and then proceeded to pass it out to our fellow movie-goers. Let's recap: I brought in party favors, a cake, candles, a lighter, and a knife. I am a champ.

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