Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Grad School Characters

Every class has a few characters. I am a few weeks in to my first class in pursuit of my Masters and I have tagged the characters of my class.

Let's begin...
First, there's "that girl." You know, the one that is obnoxious, comes in late, has an excuse, knows everything. She is also the one where when her hand goes up, the whole class rolls their eyes in anticipation of what is coming out of her mouth next. Yep, I have "that girl" in my class. She wears too red lipstick and constantly refers to her husband, or being married, or planning a wedding. She found a way to compare writing a thesis (or in our case an APR) to planning a wedding. Really? Get over yourself. Last night, after walking in late and causing a disturbance, she proceeded to tell the teacher (and the entire class) that she was late due to a doctor's appointment. No one needs to know that. Seriously. We don't care and now we're annoyed that you've even opened your mouth.

Next, there's "sleeper dude." He snuggled up on the first night of class, front row, and passed out. He just finished his Undergrad last semester, so I assume his parents said, "Why don't you stay and have some more fun?" Since his performance on the first night, he has remained awake for each class thereafter; however, now he finds the need to over compensate by using words that are too big for him. Some of them he makes up and some are words but are used incorrectly.

And finally, there's "Carlton." Please tell me you remember the Fresh Prince of Belaire? Well, Carlton is in my class. Seriously. The best part is that "that girl" and "Carlton" are furthest along in the program yet they seem to ask the most ridiculous questions and have the most difficulty with the smallest of tasks. For example, we had a homework assignment out of our workbook. It was very simple. Read it and follow the instructions. "That girl" proceeded to ask, "which pages do I need to be reading?" To which I replied, "all of them..." It was not a hard task. Really. Just read your syllabus and it'll explain the assignment. Last night was even better. "Carlton" asked a question to which our professor responded, "well, like I said last week..." Then, much to my surprise (not) "that girl" raised her hand and asked for clarification. Again. Our professor responded, "again, like I said last week..." Really? REALLY? I am beginning to lose faith in the program. Do they let just about anyone in?

I was pleased to see my first paper received a 93 and my first assignment received a 100. I can do this!

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