Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beauty Advice from a Non-Expert (Take it, you'll thank me later...)

I don't collect gadgets.
I don't like trinkets.
They collect dust and cause clutter.

But, I do have a thing for collections, i.e. my shoe collection, my undergarments collection (if you're confused, read this...), my clothing get the point. One thing that few people know about me is my tendency to collect beauty products, namely shampoo & conditioner and mascara. In college, Jordan rarely (if ever) had to purchase shampoo or conditioner because I would buy one, use it until I got bored (yes, bored) with it, and then she'd have a new one. I still do this, only now the half-used bottles accumulate in my shower. Someday I plan to ship them all to Jo in California. (I'm thinking Christmas present...) And, as for mascara, I used to hate the stuff. Using it would make my eyelashes too long. They would bump my sun glasses, graze my upper eyelid, and mostly just annoy me. But, now that I am older, I love my long lashes. More importantly, I love buying mascara. I am a sucker for marketing tactics and promotional materials. Let's just say that I have at least 4 or 5 perfectly usable mascaras in my makeup bag as we speak, or rather, as I type. (Ladies, please remember that you should replace your mascara every 3 to 6 months. Mine obviously doesn't last that long...)I rarely wear make up these days, but I almost never leave the house without mascara on. Recently I have discovered one that I must share with my female readers out there: Maybelline Volume Express "The Falsies" Mascara. Buy it. You'll thank me later.

Also, I must share my newest beauty secret. About 3 weeks ago I had an Aveda facial. It changed my life. Again, since I have ceased to wear make up, my skin was in desperate need of some TLC. I treated myself to the facial and listened when my esthetician suggested I use the all-natural Aveda line. It took a few days for my skin to adjust to using a more natural product, but now I love it. I use the Botanical Kinetics skin care product line by Aveda. It's expenive, but buy it. You'll thank me later. Seriously.

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  1. Lauren: I loved this blog. I laughed at times, and much like you, I love marketing tactics. I will go by "the falsies" this afternoon. I love you.