Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The W's take Denver

I love airports. I think there isn't anything sweeter than a tearful goodbye or a tearful "welcome home!"

I love to fly. I would love to spend some time doing George Clooney's job in Up in the Air just simply so that I could fly more often.

I am dying to travel. I would give my right arm to go to Costa Rica. Seriously. But, I have decided that dream has to be postponed until I finish my SCUBA certification. (Which I am currently working on.) I am also obsessed with the idea of traveling to Baltimore, MD and Boston, MA. Anywhere in the Northeast, really. Just let me go! I wish it were safer for a 5'2", 20-something female to travel alone. If that were the case, I would already be out of here.

My mom called me with excellent news two nights ago. We are taking a family trip to DENVER in two weeks! I have been to Colorado once many, many moons ago, and I am so excited to go back! We booked our flights last night so it is official! We have dinner reservations at the Aquarium (another obsession of mine) on Friday night and we are going to the Rockies/Cubs game on Saturday. This will be the second time we have gotten to fly as a family, minus one. Landon will not be joining us. He already had plans that conflicted, so we will be sad to be without him. BUT, I get to travel! I get to fly! I cannot wait!

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