Monday, July 19, 2010

Life on the "A" List

Have you been on today? Did you happen to peruse though the Bobby Bones Show 2nd Chance Prom pictures? Well, I guess I should say--Did you look at the FIRST picture that comes up? I had no idea that this would ever been seen. I only knew about its existence because my friend Nick (far left) is an Intern for the Bobby Bones Show. He sent me a text this morning and told me to go to this link:

That half-naked man there is the "celebrity" Lunchbox from the Bobby Bones Show. I owe Stefanie big time for coming to the event with me, but now I owe her double since everyone we know is telling us that they saw our picture online!

In college Jordan and I always joked about me being an "A-Lister" and those of you who were part of that know what I'm talking about...looks like I finally (officially) made the list!

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