Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Little Girl in the Big City, OR "Pink Lady in the Big Apple"

Well, I suppose I have put this off long enough. There is just SO much to tell that I don't know that I'll remember everything. Thankfully, I used Facebook's handy little "check in" everywhere I went, just to make it easier to remember what I did while I was in NEW YORK CITY!

So, in an effort to remember almost everything I did, here are all my FB check-ins:
(Working backwards...)

Laguardia Airport Sunday at 2:18pm - On my way home!

Times Square NYC Sunday at 10:46am  - One last walk around before I left.

Bow Bridge (Central Park) January 22 at 1:02pm - For Chad & Janell's wedding ceremony!

Central Park January 22 at 1:00pm

Crumbs January 22 at 11:07am - Getting cupcakes, of course!

Empire State Building January 22 at 10:39am - Didn't go to the top.

Cafe Metro January 22 at 10:13am - Delicious breakfast!

Cafe Europa January 21 at 8:41pm - Dessert & hot tea with Alex.

Angelo's Coal Oven Pizzeria January 21 at 6:56pm - Rehearsal Dinner...yummy NY pizza!

Hotel Wellington January 21 at 5:28pm - This is the hotel we stayed in at 7th and 55th.

Juicy Couture January 21 at 4:06pm - Shopping, of course!

FAO Schwartz January 21 at 1:43pm - Designed my own Barbie!

Bubba Gump Shrimp Company January 21 at 12:22pm - Lunch.

The Irish Pub with Janell McCanna and Alex Podwalny January 20 at 12:51am - More Girls' Night Out.

Whiskey Trader with Janell McCanna and Alex Podwalny January 20 at 12:30am - Girls' Night Out.

Serendipity 3 January 20 at 8:49pm - Frozen Hot Chocolate and Humble Pie with Alex.

Planet Hollywood Restaurant January 20 at 6:23pm - First meal in NYC.

Times Square NYC with Alex Podwalny January 20 at 6:04pm - Just arrived...exploring the city!

Laguardia Airport January 20 at 4:44pm - Finally in NYC!

Baltimore-Washington International Airport January 20 at 11:10am - 3 hour layover.

Austin Bergstrom Int'l Airport January 20 at 6:22am - On my way to NYC!

Now, of course, this list is not all that I did. There were places that I didn't "check-in" at.
All-in-all, New York was incredible. It was also incredibly COLD. Bone-chilling, frost-biting cold. At one point the news said, "It's 16* but it feels like 4*." To me it actually felt like -100*, but who's counting?
I'll add pictures soon!

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