Friday, January 7, 2011

One blog too many...

I was contemplating a fourth blog, but my rational friend Erin stopped me. I really wanted to start a crafting blog, especially now with my new Cricut. She suggested I combine my cooking blog with my "regular" blog for a couple of reasons: 1. 4 blogs is too many to keep up with. 2. 4 blogs is too many for my readers to keep up with. Both very good reasons...

So, I have combined my cooking blog, Waldie in the Kitchen, with my original Where's Waldie? blog. Now, I am considering a new title. One I always come back to is Domestically Waldie, because, well, I love being domestic. My blog will now be a compilation of little life stories, daily "happenings," yummy recipes, and most importantly, crafting!

Have a good new Waldie title I can use? Let me know!

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