Friday, August 19, 2011

Resolution Check-up

It's August, almost September... it's time to look back at what I planned to accomplish this year and see how far I've come. I'm not great at keeping resolutions. I mean, who is, right? But this was my list from my New Years post: "Pay off my credit card debt. ALL of it. One. Card. At. A. Time." Well, I am happy to report that I have paid off SIX of them. **Update: As of 8/26/11... I have paid off all but ONE credit card. That's right, you heard me...ONE!

And, I paid off the car I bought in 2006... early. You may be asking yourself, "self, why does Lauren even have 6 credit cards?" Well, I don't... I have TEN. Listen, putting myself through college AND having a social life was expensive, ok? Don't hate. Just learn from my mistakes. There were a few other goals I set for myself:

1. Complete another 5K. CHECK. I did the Diva Dash 5K.

2. Build up my savings account. CHECK. Even with paying off my debt I've been able to put money aside...thanks to my parents for letting me move back in...again.
3. Continue my weight loss plan by eating healthy, working out, and drinking more water. Eh, this one has been more difficult. School and work have kept me busier than I would like. I have cut out Dr.Pepper, except the one or two a weekend I allow myself to have. I drink water like a fish. I workout when I can...I'm trying.

4. Read a book or two...for fun. Nope. Not quite. Just reading for school keeps me tied up. I hope to read on my upcoming beach vacation. Perhaps, The Help? I hear it's good.  
5. Increase young alumni participation in the Austin Kappa Alumnae Association. CHECK-ish. Well, I'm on the Alumnae Board now. I'm in charge of the Night Owls, so I'd like to say I'm getting closer to this goal.

I think I have done pretty well so far. I guess I CAN finish resolutions. How have you done?

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